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  • The modern military operations need, the usage and exploitation of the RF spectrum.

  • CRFS approach the Cyber and Electromagnetic Activities.

  • Spectrum capacity is a finite resource, & which need monitoring & managing


Electronic Warfare Support

  • SIGINT (Signal Intelligence), which may be COMINT or ELINT.

  • How to extract, classify and locate transmissions within the signal spectrum.


Strategic Use:

  • Monitoring the utilization of emitters.

  • Developing any future offensive or defensive operations.


Tactical Use

  • Real-time spectrum intelligence.

  • Raising the instant awareness of the troops.

For more info:


Battlefield Situational Awareness


Passive Aircraft Tracking

  • Radar is commonly used in tracking the aircraft’s location.

  • Tracking aircraft without alerting them to the fact that they are being tracked.

  • Determine Passively the aircraft’s location.

  • Detect The following:

  • Aircraft coordinates: Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Course, Speed, Signal data

  • Signal Types: IFF, ADS-B, Link16, TACAN/DME, Radar, ATC channels

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Naval EMCON (Emissions Control)

  • Selective control of EM’s usage, to optimize C2 capabilities

  • Avoid Detection by the enemy sensors.

  • Mutual interference among friendly systems.

  • Enhancing MILDEC Plan.

  • Protecting EID (Electrically Initiated Devices) from HERO (Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance).

  • Avoid unauthorized or authorized cell phone emissions.

  • For more info:


Proving Grounds & Test Ranges


Interference hunting during UAV testing

Military UAV used for:

  • Navigation

  • Communications

  • situational awareness

  • Attacking & defending


Running Your Test Without Risk:

  • Testing your expensive UAV, with high confidence.

Reducing the damage budget


To avoid drone loss:

  • Monitoring RF spectrum, before and during UAV test runs.

  • Military and commercial source of interference, need to be identifiable

  • Monitoring wide range of frequencies, from VHF to SATCOM bands

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Covert Spectrum Monitoring

Some environments are very harsh, to install a permanent structure for RF monitoring, like:

  • Hostile locations: contested borders, war zone, & terrorist zone.

  • Environmental challenges: cliffs, forests, swamps or dunes.

  • Rapid deployments: Detecting jamming, & Drones used in smuggling drugs, & weapons into    prisons & borders.

  • Emergency: VIP visit, Sporting event.

  • For more info:


Maritime Safety & Security

  • Sea border security responsibilities

  • Responding to vessels with problems

  • Collisions

  • Medical incidents at sea

  • Pollution control


Interference, due to:

  • Channels allocation unrespectable.

  • Uninformed users or foreign nationals

  • Intended interference on Mayday calls.

  • Carelessness


Border Monitoring

  • International borders can cover hundreds or even thousands of miles.

  • Impossible to secure every square mile of a border with a physical manned presence

  • A network of high-performance RFeye receivers can pick up RF spectrum transmissions.

  • A cell phone, VHF radio or other device can be detected, classified, & geolocated.

  • For more info:


  • Managing the spectrum in more effective, & efficient way by Regulators.

  • EM spectrum is very valuable resource.

  • Used in: making phone calls, watching television, GPS navigation, & etc.

  • National regulators need to ensure, that the spectrum is uncongested & interference free.

  • As the number of “connected” devices increase, the pressure on the RF spectrum increasing, which increase the need of innovative ways to monitor and manage the spectrum.


Hybrid Geolocation


DF in urban environments


Airport Interference

  • Communications, navigation systems and even Autoland systems can be impacted by RF interference at airports.

  • Preventing and quickly resolving interference at airports is essential for avoiding disruption, financial loss and serious accidents.

  • Engineers may be sent out to an airport over ten times with an portable RF monitoring and each time find that the interference source has been and gone.

  • Continuous RF monitoring solution isn’t only effective, but also cost effective.

  • For more info:


Radar interference to MO


Portable Spectrum Monitoring

Some environments are very harsh, to install a permanent structure for RF monitoring, like:

System Integrator

Why work with CRFS?

  • Open architecture aids third-party integration

  • Proven field-ready, reliable hardware and software

  • Comprehensive documentation

  • Expert engineering support

  • Transparent, honest relationships


Electro-Optical Integration

  • Optical systems extend our own senses using superior optics and image enhancement.

  • They are able to identify and track drones based on their visual signature, and, when using infrared (IR), by a drone’s heat signature.

  • Optical systems give an unrivaled understanding of context. For example, by verifying if a drone is weaponized.

  • They do, however, still need additional hardware to perform geolocations and can encounter difficulty in coping with bad weather and bright sunlight.

  • For more info:


Acoustic Sensors Integration

  • Acoustic sensors are programmed to recognize the unique sounds produced by drone motors.

  • They rely on a library of sounds from known drones, so if a drone isn’t in the library, it won’t be detected.

  • Range from the target, background noise and strong winds can also influence the effectiveness of acoustic sensors.

For more info:

Security & Intelligence

  • Protecting secure facilities, and gathering intelligence from the RF spectrum

  • Intelligence gathering – analyze even the hardest to detect RF signals with our high-fidelity RFeye Recorder

  • Drone detection, location, identification and operator positioning


Counter Surveillance

  • TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures)

  • The threats are real

  • Devices can be difficult to locate

  • Beyond bug sweeping


Used in:

  • Secure facilities

  • Embassies & diplomatic buildings

  • Commercial offices

  • Data centers

  • Banking and financial institutions

  • CNI (Critical National Infrastructure)

  • Combating Drones

  • For more info:

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