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Scope of Services


Project Management

  • Manage to Deliver Success

  • Fostering the Projects Management Culture

  • Driving business success through Consistent delivery of business results

  • Delivery of value at every step along the way of the business

  • We manage the projects to increase customers’ and the other stakeholders’ satisfaction, to enable Competitive advantages, to boost ROI, to lower costs, and to streamline the delivery process

  • Handling critical market segments successfully 

  • PMP certified project managers lead the success of our projects with our key customers and partners


Installation & Commissioning

  • Our project team has been delivering successful installations through projects of different scales, nature and within different sectors such as(Government, Civil Aviation, Telecom, Energy… etc.

  • We guarantee professional and successful installations and commissioning services to our customers through our trained, certified, and experienced calibers 


Professional Training & Workshops

  • Raising others is our driver

  • “Knowledge is the Power” is our belief

  • We offer our customers the Power of knowledge through our professional training programs and workshops

  • Our instructors are backed with experience, certifications, updates and driven by passion to raise the others

  • Sample training programs & workshops:

    • FTTH Basics

    • Fiber Optic Basics

    • Ethernet Technology

    • Copper & DSL Basics

    • Mobile Communication


After sales support

  • Our promise of success to our customers continues after projects delivery through our professional after-sales services.

  • We offer our customer:

    • Standard and Extended Warranty service

    • Customer support services (Calls, e-mails, remote and on-site)

    • Service Level Agreement contracts

    • Inspection & Repair services

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