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Test & Measurements solutions

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

FTB 5GPro - 5G test solution for mobile networks

Designed to streamline field operations when deploying 5G fronthaul, midhaul and backhaul networks.

The smarter way to test

Building a rock-solid network that’s massively scalable and able to support any new service demanded by customers can be challenging—unless you have the right tools and procedures in place. EXFO’s FTB 5GPro test kit empowers technicians to efficiently validate next-gen fiber-based mobile networks and ensures your 5G deployment is done right.

Key features

  • eCPRI 10G and 25G link validation using BER and QoS metrics like latency testing.

  • CPRI link validation from 1.2 Gbit/s to 10.1 Gbit/s using BER and latency testing.

  • Up to 100G Ethernet testing with iSAM—intelligent service activation methodology—based on ITU-T Y.1564 and RFC 6349.

  • Fiber connector inspection to detect dirty or damaged connectors (at each connection point).

  • iOLM for fiber link characterization to detect issues on the fiber span potentially impacting total budget loss (dB).

  • Industry's most powerful real-time, high-resolution RF spectrum analysis over CPRI

  • Fully automated iORF to quickly and easily identify issues like external RF interference, internal and external PIM

  • iOptics test application to efficiently evaluate the proper operation of transceiver interfaces from 1G to 100G

  • SyncE, 1588-PTP and Wander/TE for timing and synchronization validation


  • FTTx network testing

  • 5G transport network validation (fronthaul, midhaul, backhaul)

  • Ethernet/IP network testing and troubleshooting up to 100G

  • RAN testing & troubleshooting (small cells, C-RAN, DAS)

  • CWDM/DWDM network validation

  • Fixed wireless access testing & troubleshooting

Where power meets simplicity

Leveraging the powerful and intelligent FTB-1 Pro handheld test platform, the FTB 5GPro is a comprehensive and future-proof solution that takes the guesswork out of test setup, execution and analysis.

The FTB 5GPro is designed to boost field-testing efficiency and deliver high-quality 5G and 4G/LTE networks, on time:

Follows standardized, field-proven test proceduresEnables technicians at any skill level to instantly interpret results and accelerate outcomesAddresses any potential issues when installing, activating and maintaining mobile network

FTB 5GPro test kit—helping you get 5G networks up and running fast

A versatile solution empowering field technicians to efficiently validate fiber optic and transport links—from the core to the tower and all the way to your subscribers.

Fiber connector inspectionFiber link characterizationOptical transceiver validationCPRI, OBSAI and 10G/25G eCPRI transport link validationIntelligent RF spectrum analysis over CPRIUp to 100G Ethernet testingFull line-rate gigabit speed testing for validating enterprise and residential customers’ QoE

Go beyond OTDR testing―and leave no faulty links behind

Using a unique and patented automated multipulse and multiwavelength acquisition approach, the field-proven iOLM surpasses the traditional OTDR and linear view, providing expert-level link characterization of any fiber network. iOLM converts complex OTDR tests into clear, accurate go/no-go results through a single-button operation.

Analyzing RF spectrum over CPRI doesn't have to be rocket science.

The intelligent OpticalRF (iORF) test application allows technicians to configure, analyze and diagnose RF interference and PIM issues in minutes―without needing to be an RF expert.  The one-button, fully automated test application provides complete analysis of the RF spectrum with a pass or fail verdict.


Optical Power Expert - connected optical power meter

Power meter with Bluetooth connectivity, a wide touchscreen and best-in-class optical performances

Connected. Intuitive. Evolutive.

An essential device in today’s field toolkit which combines seamless reporting capabilities and ease of use in a pocket-sized form factor. Evolutive by nature, the solution upgrades over time to help you meet new challenges.

Key features

  • Connect to smart app via Bluetooth: field data reporting, cloud storage, workflow management

  • User-friendly: compact, color touchscreen and intuitive GUI

  • Robust and rugged: IP54 design for dust and water protection

  • Time-saving features: no offset nulling, lightning-fast boot-up

  • High-capacity internal data storage

  • 3-year warranty and calibration interval


  • Measuring optical power and insertion loss

  • Fiber tracing

  • Passive optical networks (PON)

  • 5G rollouts

  • FTTx

  • LAN/WAN access and enterprise

  • CATV

  • Military applications

EXFO grade

Designed for extended use in the field, the Optical Power Expert delivers best-in-class optical performances day in, day out.

EXFO’s track-record of robustness, backed with IP54 design for water and dust protection, makes this device extremely reliable and a long-lasting investment.

Connectivity unleashed

Share test results seamlessly through the cloud-based smart application that enables instant, one-click reporting capabilities. 


Optical Wave Expert - DWDM Channel Checker and OTDR

A handheld tester combining DWDM channel power validation with OTDR capabilities on a single port.

The first integrated solution for DWDM troubleshooting

The Optical Wave Expert is an easy-to-use and compact handheld tester that eliminates the need for multiple instruments. With integrated channel checker and OTDR capabilities on a single port, troubleshooting DWDM is now a seamless, automated process.

Key features

  • DWDM channel checker & OTDR capabilities integrated on a single port (patent-pending)

  • Intelligent channel power level diagnostics (iOCC)

  • Compact and portable form factor

  • iOLM-ready: one-touch multiple acquisitions, with clear MUX/ DEMUX characterization

  • Bar graph and table view on wide touchscreen display

  • In-channel and out-of-band testing of active networks

  • Intuitive GUI and workflow


  • DWDM link characterization through MUX, DEMUX and OADM

  • DWDM link troubleshooting (DAA, RPHY or C-RAN)

  • DWDM metro Ethernet links

  • Deployment of commercial services

  • P2MP access networks


The Optical Wave Expert integrates channel power validation and reflectometry characterization on a single port. This means that technicians can automatically identify faulty channels and follow through with fault location by leveraging intelligent OTDR capabilities.

The smart toggle to the OTDR mode is done automatically, without having to set any parameters. Technicians can now obtain instant channel power readings through an intuitive GUI and seamlessly benefit from tunable OTDR capabilities. The field-proven MaxTester platform provides a rugged and compact form factor that is purpose-built around practicality and efficiency.

The integration of channel checker and OTDR capabilities on a single port means less unnecessary manipulation of the optical fiber and improved field efficiency. This translates into faster mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) and makes the trial and error approach–which can disable nodes–obsolete.

Test DWDM seamlessly: Channel checker and OTDR

The intuitive graphical interface provides real-time channel power readings. If an issue is detected, the tunable OTDR capabilities automatically kick in to find faults. Results and diagnostics are clearly displayed on a wide touchscreen.

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