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Professional Communication Solutions

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

We provide fully integrated Solutions that serve the Air Traffic Management and the control ATM/C. The quality solutions we provide are covering GTA and GTG communications, Voice Communication and Control Systems (VCCS), Voice Recording Systems (VRS), ATC Consoles, ATC Simulators, and VSAT Solutions

GTG and GTA Communications

The world’s leading ground-to-air radio platform, The ParkAir T6. Packed with the latest technology, the T6 Radios offer outstanding performance for VHF and UHF coverage mainly for ATC Communications.


Voice Communication & Control system (VCCS)



MULTIFONO® is a fully digital Voice Communication Switching System (VCSS), characterized by highly modularity to interface any type of radio device and telephone line, for optimized communications in the all service environments.


Jotron Voice Recording Systems (VRS)


The product has been designed to meet

the specific demands of worldwide ATM

environments and is fully compliant with

National and international standards.

The unique set of Ricochet software modules can be assembled in a multitude of combinations.

Ricochet software, coupled With COTS hardware, enables Jotron to Deliver a state-of-the-art recording system.


SITTI ATC Consoles


The PK series is represented by consoles that are designed to support flat screen monitors and standard 19 inches equipment. Ordinary non-flat monitors can also be accommodated (up to 24 inches). The specificity in the design of these consoles is that they can be easily and completely dismounted and remounted, thus avoiding possible problems during installation in tower control rooms which are often accessible by narrow stairs/doors. Consoles in the PK series can be provided by an optional mechanical arm that allows to rotate flat monitors in any direction.


UFA Inc. ATC Simulators

UFA is the world’s premier developer of Air Traffic Control simulation systems, providing versatile controller training and research tools to leading air navigation service providers, military organizations, universities, and airports.

Main Products:

ATCoach Systems : Radar Simulators

ATTower : Tower Simulator

ATVoice: Voice Recognition Simulator

ATRadio : Radio Communication Simulator

ATSpeak: Voice Recognition Training

ATVehicle: AirSide Driver Training

ATWorld: Flight Simulation Training Device


VSAT Solutions

ND SatCom offers the technology of choice for satellite communication applications. We are also a system integrator with the ability to manage large, complex projects with our own software and hardware development capabilities and custom solutions to specific requirements. We remain a dedicated partner, supporting our customers throughout the lifecycle of the product or system.

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