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Integrated Inspection & repair solutions

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

We provide our customers with a variety of solutions which fit their Labs, workshops, production lines, and workspaces

Component Tester & PCB diagnostic Solution

The ABI BoardMaster 19" Rack Universal Diagnostic System is a uniquely versatile, self-contained and easy-to-use test system. It offers the most comprehensive set of test instruments for fault-finding on almost any kind of PCB. As the product of choice to companies operating in rail transport, aerospace, military, automotive, telecoms and a range of other industrial sectors, the BoardMaster is ABI's top of the range solution that saves customers time and money, increases asset availability and reliability. With the full range of instruments and a variety of test methods guaranteeing the best possible fault coverage, the BoardMaster 19" Rack provides the ultimate in diagnostic tools.


Electronic Test & Measurement equipment

Power Supply Signal Analyzer

Digital Oscilloscope Function Generator

Digital Multi-meter


Component Replacement System (Soldering, De-Soldering & Rework)

Advanced fully Automated SMT/BGA rework station

SMT/BGA rework station SMT rework station

Multi-channels soldering/de-soldering rework station & Two channel soldering station

Soldering Station Soldering iron


Reverse Engineering and Prototyping

RevEng offers an effective method of creating professional quality circuit diagrams from a sample board. The RevEng system comprises a PC controlled continuity measuring hardware system, SYSTEM 8 Ultimate control software and EdWin XP, a fully featured CAD package.

RevEng learns the connectivity of a sample circuit then produces a NetList (a list of the components and connections). The NetList is imported into EdWin XP to create professional quality circuit diagrams.

Reflow oven

SMT pick and place system

Multilayer machine

Advanced level LASER milling and drilling machine

Intermediate level milling and drilling CNC with higher accuracy

Entry level milling and drilling CNC

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